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Fund Raising for underprivileged kids in India

Prabhat with Youtopia is back and bigger than ever! This year Prabhat and Youtopia are raising funds to benefit a nonprofit organization called P.R.I.D.E. India. Founded in 1982, PRIDE India works towards creating a better world for those living in rural India. One of PRIDE’s programs, the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) strives to provide proper education, healthcare, and nutrition for underprivileged children aged 0 – 5 years. Over the years, PRIDE has had a positive influence in the lives of over 25,810 children.

ECCD is a ‘Multi-sector’ approach that focuses on the early years in a child's life and lays the foundation for learning and achieving in school. The goal of ECCD is to ensure that children reach school age healthy and well nourished, intellectually curious, socially confident and equipped with a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

The ECCD sector’s work is implemented as part of Home Based Intervention, Centre based Intervention and Child Development Scale (CDS).CDS was developed by Child Fund

NJ Education – Paterson

We believe that even in the US, a vastly richer country, several of these issues of inclusion, empowerment, motivation and participation preclude many children, especially in inner cities from realizing their full potential. We believe that versions of similar programs could be very beneficial in the US as well.

In 2010, we worked with elementary schools in Paterson, NJ, to enhance the educational experience and to encourage and motivate children. In an initial program, we  invited about 60 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders from the Paterson school district to a special Breakfast with Santa, where they received special grade-appropriate toys that are fun and educational. The goal was not just to reward achievement but also to foster a sense of inclusion in the larger community.

Education in Jharkhand, India

Jharkhand is one of the poorest and under developed state of India and Prabhat is working with Divine Onkar Mission to support children who are orphaned, homeless, and don’t have the money to get the proper education, food, clothing and shelter that they need. Some of the children suffer from diseases such as polio or may have parents who suffer from leprosy. The Divine Onkar’s orphanage home provides them with free boarding and a place for kids to be kids, in a world where they have to be adults to survive.

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