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(Prabhat is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Tax ID: 90-0618901)
In India, we plan to “adopt” underprivileged elementary school-age children from different villages in different states of India via Nirmala Kalyan Samiti. Despite the presence of an infrastructure for public education in India, many such facilities are sparingly used, especially by the poorest and most disadvantaged sections of society.  Children are constrained by family poverty, by the need to earn a living and by limited expectations of social advancement.Conversely, teachers and other educators may themselves evince less interest in children from less privileged backgrounds. In order to counter such formidable resistance, we will work collaboratively in this village with local authorities, teachers, families and children.
  • We intend to take the following steps
  • identify children who could be benefiting from regular schooling but are not participating in public education.
  • work with their parents to ease the constraints on their ability to go to school by providing financial assistance to buy books, uniform and other supplies.
  • provide nutritional supplements and other nutritional and medical support to ensure that children are able to maximize their potential at school.
  • provide extra coaching or tuition assistance to help children keep up with their school work on par with their peers from more privileged backgrounds.
  • provide other forms of mentoring to help these children remain motivated.
  • work with their parents to provide other forms of assistance and support to enable them to focus on the opportunities for improvement in their children’s lives.
  • work with other village authorities to increase participation and inclusion of underprivileged children and families.
Projects in India
  In December, 2010, Prabhat adopted about 50 underprivileged kids from a village, about 70 Kms outside of capital city of Delhi in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
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